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About Us

About the project

SIATE is a new EU co-funded Erasmus+ project called  “Social Inclusion of Adults through Entrepreneurship: SIATE”. 

Throughout Europe there are many lower-skilled adults who lack the formal competences necessary to fit into the  regular labour market.  There is a growing need to widen the scope of learning provision by focusing on  entrepreneurship as a basic skill which will assist learners to become self-employed.  

Our project partnership believes that – with the right inspiration and on-time entrepreneurial guidance-tools – we can devise and deliver a range of educational supports. These will assist disadvantaged job seekers to further develop and enhance their career management skills to facilitate greater social inclusion. 

SIATE will  provide a range of capacity-building tools and resources aimed at relevant stakeholders with specific themes focussing on career  management skills, migrant integration and social inclusion.

This innovative project will also help improve cooperation between existing national or regional networks of adult education  providers at European level through creation of a network of networks focusing on entrepreneurship in adult  learning.  The new network will be called ENTNET.

As well as developing a range of capacity building tools, this project will also deliver a series of national seminars.

This  project is led by VUC Storstrøm from Denmark with other European partners including VUC Fyn (Denmark),  Fønix  (Norway),  Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg (Germany),  Archivio della Memoria (AdM) (Italy) and Universal Learning Systems (ULS) (Ireland).

Our Results

Strategically this project will focus on: 

  • Creating synergies and establishing cooperation between European entrepreneurship stakeholders through the creation of a sustainable European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET) 
  • Preparing National Policy Briefs to communicate the results of the project to the respective national decision makers 
  • Preparing recommendations for take-up at European level
  • Capacity Building for Adult Learning Stakeholders  
  • Allowing the sustainable use of the Capacity Building materials through EPALE and through cooperation with the European Basic Skills Network’s Capacity Building Series

Capacity building tools

Central for the European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET) will be the content that it is also able to provide for the members. By documenting the National Conferences and all the relevant materials that is related to them – including learning methods and best entrepreneurship educational tools – the collection of Capacity Building materials will show the potential of Entrepreneurship in Adult Education and how the concept can be included in Guidance and in learning provision.


The central part of the project will be the creation of the European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET).

To achieve a wide and significant participation in the network we will hold the National Conferences where we will invite “decision makers” and “special teachers” by identifying “Architects” and “Developers” and draw on the networks listed in the associated partners. Part of this process will also be identification of existing networks and of potential new participants.


Central to building the European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET) is the 5 National Conferences. Capacity Building materials is presented and collected.