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The European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education



By creating the European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET), this project will establish an adequate European forum for the development and implementation of sustainable entrepreneurship education at a regional, national and European level.

However, the ENTNET network alone cannot succeed if we are not making sure, that the teachers have the right tools and competences to carry out efficient entrepreneurship education. If the network structure is in place but the teachers lack access to the tools and practices of entrepreneurship education, we have not achieved our goal. We need to establish a free an easy access to materials containing learning designs and tools for best entrepreneurship education practice. This means the ENTNET will develop national policy papers but also back this up with concrete tools and methods for the individual teacher which enables and underscores our need for capacity building. This part of the project will work within the frame indicated in Upskilling Pathways, incorporating the didactic models presented in the UP’s focus on basic skills, and developing a concept which can be used as a powerful tool in both Guidance and Provision phases of the individual learning pathways. 

Capacity building tools

Central for the European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET) will be the content that it is also able to provide for the members. By documenting the National Conferences and all the relevant materials that is related to them – including learning methods and best entrepreneurship educational tools – the collection of Capacity Building materials will show the potential of Entrepreneurship in Adult Education and how the concept can be included in Guidance and in learning provision.


The central part of the project will be the creation of the European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET).

To achieve a wide and significant participation in the network we will hold the National Conferences where we will invite “decision makers” and “special teachers” by identifying “Architects” and “Developers” and draw on the networks listed in the associated partners. Part of this process will also be identification of existing networks and of potential new participants.


Central to building the European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET) is the 5 National Conferences. Capacity Building materials is presented and collected.