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The European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Eduation


The European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education 



1. The European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET) 

ENTNET is a website established in 2021 under the web address: https://www.entnet.education/ 

ENTNET’s goal is to strengthen and develop a coherent local, national, and European approach for using entrepreneurship education as a tool for social inclusion.  

2. Background and Context

ENTNET is an essential part of an EU co-funded Erasmus+ project called “Social Inclusion of Adults through Entrepreneurship» (SIATE).  

The aim of SIATE is to provide a range of capacity-building tools and resources aimed at relevant stakeholders with specific themes focussing on career management skills, migrant integration, and social inclusion. 

The project will also help improve cooperation between existing national or regional networks of adult education providers at European level through creation of a network of networks focusing on entrepreneurship in adult learning.  

3. Vision and Mission

ENTNET is the projects “window to Europe” and will secure that the work and results from the SIATE project will continue to be distributed and developed to relevant stakeholders in Europe after the end of the project period.  

The ambitions are to bring together various actors and networks that work with entrepreneurship as part of adult learning, and to appear as a resource bank on entrepreneurship education and social inclusion. 

4. Objectives and Goals

The short-term obligation of ENTNET is to continue to operate in a five-year period after the end of the SIATE project in November 2023. 

In this period ENTNET will provide an interactive toolbox of cases studies, training materials and digital resources with open access for all members.  

ENTNET will also document the five international conferences (Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and Germany) that was held as part of the SIATE project with video documentation and a complete library of all the speakers’ presentations held in the different conferences. 

A long-term goal is that ENTNET shall promote relevant events and webinars and work as a digital meeting place for stakeholders working on entrepreneurship in adult learning. 

ENTNET was originally established around the six member organizations of SIATE form Denmark, Norway, Italy, Ireland, and Germany. 

The goal at the end of the SIATE project period is that ENTNET shall have a minimum of 50 members from different European countries. A long-term goal is that ENTNET shall have a minimum of 100 members before the end of 2024.

5. Membership and Participation: 

ENTNET is open for membership for all stakeholders interested in entrepreneurship in adult learning. 

There is no geographic, functional, or thematic boundaries for membership, and as now, there is no membership fee. 

All relevant stakeholders and / or individuals are eligible for membership in the network and can join by register at the website registration portal. 

All members will be listed with contact information on the website.  

6. Governance and Decision-Making

The technical responsibility of ENTNET is imposed on VUC Storstrøm, Denmark. 

The editorial responsibility is imposed on Fønix, Norway. 

Before the end of the SIATE project period ENTNET will impose a network’s governance structure with a steering board consisting of a minimum of four (4) members from different countries. 

The members of the steering board will be selected from existing members based on a voting process.  

Fønix will continue to be responsible for the editorial process of ENTNET and will also be part of the steering board. 

7. Communication and Collaboration

ENTNET will emphasize an open and transparent communication between members. 

The website will be open for all members to post information about relevant events and webinars and will also have an open meeting place area for communication and exchange of good practise. 

8. Code of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines

The steering board will establish a code of conduct that outlines the expected behaviour and ethical standards for members within the network.  

This will also include rules and regulations regarding how to conduct respect, confidentiality, and diversity and inclusion in the network. 

9. Resources and Funding

VUC Storstrøm, Denmark and Fønix, Norway will guarantee the necessary resources required to operate the network effectively, including financial resources, technology, and human resources for the five-year period after the end of the SIATE project period.  

10. Monitoring and Evaluation

The steering bord will define some key performance indicators (KPIs) as criteria for evaluating the network’s performance and progress toward its goals.  

Initial KPIs are number of members, interactive traffic, posts from members and downloads. 

11. Amendments and Review

This preliminary network charter will be reviewed by the first steering board adapted to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. 

12. Signatures and Acknowledgment

This preliminary network charter is signed and approved by the five key stakeholders (the founding members) of the SIATE project to ensure that they are fully committed to the principles and guidelines. 



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